Leonardo Zappavigna vs Shuhei Tsuchiya live stream boxing watch online free hd.

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Leonardo Zappavigna vs Shuhei Tsuchiya live stream boxing watch online free hd.




The first, of many, major match ups this coming week is in Australia on Thursday as the hard hitting and always fun to watch Shuhei Tsuchiya takes on the equally entertaining Leonardo Zappavigna. The bout a genuine shoot out between the punchers, looks like one of those bouts that fans should just love.

Sadly despite the really attractive match up the fight doesn't seem to have had much of a poster created for it...in fact the one the kadoebi website, seen above, is frankly awful. Sure it has the two fighters and the venue but that's about all it has going for it

One of the problems was that the bout was originally supposed to feature two regional titles. It later turned that only one of those titles would actually be on the line and instead of changing the poster it appears that the promoter has just decided to put a red cross through it. Another problem is that whilst this fight is great for us, it's actually only a side attraction on the show which features a domestic competition known as "Last man Standing", a play on the British "Prizefighter" competition.

T'S not as if boxer Leonardo Zappavigna needs extra motivation approaching a fight, but when he takes on his next opponent he will be thinking of a special person in his life.

The "Lionheart", who trains with Tommy Mercuri at the Leppington Westside Boxing Gym, will be devoting his performance to pay homage to his sister-in-law April Panagopoulos, who died from cancer.

When he steps into the ring to face Japanese boxer Shuhei Tsuchiya for the vacant IBF Pan Pacific light welterweight title tomorrow (Thursday), Zappavigna will be devoting his performance to her memory.

Mercuri has nothing but admiration and respect for Zappavigna's intentions. "He's dedicating this fight to a lovely young girl who fought a braver fight than any other boxer would ever fight, but lost the battle with cancer," Mercuri said.

"She really loved coming to watch Lenny box and that's why Lenny has chosen to dedicate this fight in honour of April, whom he loved dearly.

"This brave young girl, who died too young at 26 years old, was a very strong and special angel, who inspired me. God bless her soul."

Zappavigna's date with destiny will take place at The Melbourne Pavilion.

Mercuri said Zappavigna was in prime condition to deal with the Japanese boxer who has won by 13 knockouts in his 15 fights.

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